How much do Native Ads pay? For this top #1,000 website it’s 50% of their revenue's native ads

Native ads appear in many forms but for the current affairs website, one of the top #1,000 websites in the world (according to Alexa), that comes in the form of a big fat cheque.

With eCPM for display advertising on the continued decline, many publishers like Slate are pushing towards a native ads revenue model.

For Slate that is a mixture of sponsored articles and content discovery ad units (currently from Outbrain) that are now responsible for over 50% of the sites total income.

The remaining 50% is made up from a combination of traditional display, podcast advertising and paid membership.

Interestingly Slate have found that clearly labeling ads leads to a 300% increase in CTR and an average engagement time of 4 minutes 15 seconds on sponsored content.

They redesigned the native ad units to explicitly show that the content is sponsored. They used to label them “Sponsored content”, but they changed it to “Published by” followed by the advertiser’s name and logo.

Most visitors try to avoid ads, but interestingly Slate found that explicitly labeling ads, the click-through rates were 3x higher.

As native ads become an important part of the monetisation plans for many publishers we continue to see major brands (Business Insider, DailyMail, Forbes, CNN, Fox News and more) reducing their dependence on display and increasing their placements reserved for native.

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